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Who We Are ?

NSS Tube Wells Constructors is well established all around Sri Lanka as a tube well drillers and deep wells drilling agency. We provide Tube Wells for a range of various purposes such as farming and cultivation, factories, industries, business purposes, domestic and drinking water.

We use state-of-the-art technology, latest machinery and equipment, rigs and vehicles for our drilling. We grantee to find water for your needs no matter how challenging the place will be.

NSS is a government certified Tube Well Driller Agency in Sri Lanka. And we are authorized to drill all over the Island for any kind of Tube Wells needs.

Our services operating all around Sri Lanka and have successfully completed hundreds of projects with the most precious and fulfilling final results, Fresh Water!.


We are a certified constructors in Water Resources Board and Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management Sri Lanka.

Reg No: EOU/REG/DC/2017-50


We are a registered and authorized agency for Drilling and Constructing Tube Wells in Sri Lanka.

BRN: WU14552

Tube Well Drillers, Tube Well
Tube Well Drillers, Tube Well
Tube Well Drillers, Tube Well, NSS Tube wells Sri Lanka


  • Operate all over Sri Lanka
  • Guarantee to find water
  • Operate in every scale
  • Are authorized
  • Are a registered agency
  • Are trusted over a decade
  • Use the best quality materials
  • Work from start to finish
  • Operate to fulfill your needs

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